How Miley Cyrus Felt About Her and Liam Hemsworth’s Wedding Photos Leaking


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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had a private wedding ceremony on December 23 in Cyrus’s Nashville home. The first photos of it came out shortly afterward when one of their guests and friends, Conrad Jack Carr, posted on his Instagram Story—something Miley didn’t really want to happen, her sister Brandi Cyrus revealed on her and Wells Adams’ podcast Your Favorite Thing, via Us Weekly.

The couple invited “a very, very small, tight-knit group of people” and asked for no photos to be taken. “Even with family and close friends, they still made a point to say, ‘Hey guys, this is a private thing for a reason,'” Brandi recalled. “‘We love you all, but please don’t take photos.’” That said, Conrad didn’t know about the couple’s request, so he posted his. When his photos came out, and media outlets started picking them up, Miley wasn’t mad, per Brandi. She “doesn’t really care” that everyone found out that way, Brandi said.

But Carr felt guilty. “He feels really bad,” Brandi said. “I didn’t really ask what happened, but I think from what he said, no one told him not to post about it, so he didn’t know.”

Miley herself confirmed the wedding on her Instagram on December 26:

And Brandi opened up a bit about how Miley and Liam intended their wedding to be small like this all along. “Whenever they’ve talked about getting married, they’ve always wanted to keep it very small and it just be the family and just be at the house,” Brandi said. “Honestly, Miley’s only friend that was there was her best friend, Jessie, and Liam had a handful of his friends there that were there from Australia.”

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