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The next time you aren’t sure what to do for stronger abs, pull out this four-move workout. It’s quick, it’s intense, and you can do it absolutely anywhere. You’re going to be putting in work, as every core muscle from your transverse abdominis muscles to your obliques gets lit up. Not to mention, it’s guaranteed to leave you sore for a few days.

It can be done alone or you can add it to your favorite workout. As a reminder, if more defined abs are what you’re after, you’ve got to eat clean, strength train, and focus on strengthening your core.

The Quick and Intense Ab Workout

Directions: Perform this workout as a circuit, taking little to no rest in between each exercise. Take one to two minutes of rest in between each round, completing a total of four rounds.

  • High knees: 30 reps
  • Mountain climbers: 30 reps
  • Side plank leg lift: 10 reps on each side
  • Seated knee tuck: 15 reps

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