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I’m a creature of habit, but I’ll try everything, especially new workouts, at least once. I was invited to try the new Master of One class at Equinox, which is a total-body workout using just one dumbbell. The idea behind using one dumbbell is to incorporate unilateral movements (a single-leg or single-arm exercise) for improved core stability and to strengthen your nondominant side, the creators of the program — Amy Dixon, Dana McCaw, and Jeffrey Scott — explained. They also explained that this format can improve your overall performance, power, and strength and help you develop greater muscular control.

The two things I liked the most about this class were that you could replicate this workout at home with minimal equipment (and also do it at the gym) and that it worked the entire body in a short period of time. If you aren’t an Equinox member and want to get a taste of the Master of One class, continue reading.

The Total-Body Workout

This workout will be completed as a circuit. First, you’ll perform the listed exercises with the dumbbell in your right hand, followed by one minute of rest. Then you’ll perform the same exercises with the dumbbell in your left hand.

Before getting started, be sure to warm up. Here’s a dynamic warmup we like to do. If you aren’t sure how to choose your weight, use this guide. Don’t forget to activate your glutes and your abs. Be sure to cool down after your workout.

  • Bilateral deadlift: 30 seconds
  • Bent-over wide-arm row: 30 seconds
  • Bilateral deadlift with bent-over wide-arm row: 60 seconds
  • Supine chest press: 30 seconds
  • Half-Turkish get-up: 30 seconds
  • Supine chest press with half-Turkish get-up: 60 seconds
  • Alternating clock circle (Round 1 only): 60 seconds
  • Lateral skater (Round 2 only): 60 seconds

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