Menstrual Cup From Tampon Tribe Review


One of my goals in life is achieving peak period comfort. I don’t mean avoiding cramps or PMS, which I’ve accepted as an inevitable part of my life. I just want to be as comfortable as possible while keeping all that fluid under control.

I got my period at age 12 and began using tampons almost immediately. Since then, it’s been a constant struggle: I hate pads and I can’t stand dealing with leakage or other unpleasantness, like tampons that slip out when I sneeze. Having a period is bad enough; I’d like to have as few reminders as possible that it’s happening, which is why I can’t believe it took me this long to try a menstrual cup.

Last month, I had the pleasure of testing Tampon Tribe’s new menstrual cup ($40), which is silicone- and rubber-free. I was already a fan of Tampon Tribe’s applicator-free tampon subscription, so I trusted the brand when it suggested I try this cup. Menstrual cups are nothing new, but they’ve always intimidated me, which I now realize was silly. Read on to learn why I’m a convert.

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