Best Twitter Reactions About Lyanna Mormont Returning in Final Season of Game of Thrones


Warning: Spoilers for episode 1, season 8 of Game of Thrones ahead.

Game of Thrones‘ final season started on Sunday night, and so much happened. Daenerys arrived at Winterfell, to a wintry reception from Sansa. Jon Snow saw all his surviving Stark siblings again, and had an especially warm reunion with Arya. We saw Dany’s remaining dragons, Drogon and Rhaegal—and the effect they had on the Northerners. Cersei’s up to no good with the Golden Company.

But one character received what amounts to a standing ovation on Twitter when she graced the screen. One of the youngest characters on the show, but also one with a significant amount of power, at least in the North, appeared very early on in the episode. Lady Lyanna Mormont was the one person at the meeting of northern nobles who dared to ask what was going on with Jon and Dany; he’d left the North a king, she reminded him, then came back merely a lord again. Great question!

Twitter loved it and immediately erupted with praise. She might not be a queen in the Game of Thrones universe, but she’s certainly a queen in fans’ hearts. Here are some of the funniest, most appreciative tweets about Lyanna Mormont:

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