Yoga Videos From YouTube For When You’re Not Feeling Well


Yoga promises to bring a sense of calm into your otherwise busy life. Practice can range from fast-paced, calorie-burning Vinyasa to soft and gentle Yin, where poses are held for minutes at a time. With benefits like reduced anxiety and depression, improved cardiovascular health, and better sleep, flexibility, and strength, why wouldn’t you want to incorporate yoga into your routine? And, when better to get on your mat than a day you aren’t feeling too hot?

Ahead you’ll find videos led by yoga instructors for easing discomfort associated with a pesky cold or headaches. There are also flows (no pun intended) for when you’re suffering from period cramps and PMS. Note: obviously use your discretion. If you’re very sick, don’t force yourself to follow along. Rest up, instead! And, if you’re looking for yoga videos geared toward relieving stress specifically, check those out here.

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